Live Workout Subscription (Coming Soon!)

Currently offering live workouts through select partners. If you would like to partner or become an affiliate please contact us TODAY!

Experience your favorite workouts, LIVE, from I CAN Adaptive Boxing. These remote workouts are streamable from any device via a simple Zoom app. Logging in as easy as 1-2-3 and gives you flexibility to access live classes with a fitness trainer. Read more below about benefits and how to schedule your first session! Class times are set weekly and pre-registration is required.


Benefits of this Membership & Platform:

  • Class times, though limited, are set and remain consistent on a weekly basis. You can rely on the same time, each week for your live session.
  • Work out in the comfort of your own home and on the go – These sessions can be accessed simply using our Zoom tool and can be streamed from any device.
  • Live trainers will guide and motivate you – This is your team delivering the quality of a workout that you are familiar with. You take you own pace but trainers are here to motivate with passion and skilled coaching to ensure proper technique and form.
  • Challenging workouts good for your body and your mind – Burn calories through this training program. These workouts incorporate various cardiovascular exercises, boxing/kickboxing and core elements and finished off with cool down and stretching.
  • 45-minute sessions – We offer weekly classes with a live trainer. Times are Eastern Standard Time.
  • Membership automatically renews on a monthly basis unless you decide to cancel.


*All memberships are subject to CT state sales tax. Membership rates are pre-tax.


Sample Workout: