Find out what our participants and partners are saying.  We are dedicated to working with you and helping you.  This program is for anyone and all abilities.

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"Pierre’s Boxing class is one of our most attended exercise classes.  We have 20-25 every week.  They absolutely love this class, but it takes a little work on our end too.  We always do the class with the residents. We sit up front next to the screen and we try and hype them up.  We got a boxing ring bell and ring it between rounds and do the countdown for each round with them.  We have catch phrases and make a fun class out of it.  It would definitely be a little difficult to put the class on and leave the residents.  Pierre is a great instructor and has great enthusiasm for the class.  He is very encouraging and has worked very closely with us to make sure he is as clear as he can be but sometimes not having an actual person there doing it makes it difficult to follow.   When the class first started it was difficult to catch up to him and understand some of the moves, but he slowed down and adapted his instruction to their level and it is perfect now.  .  Residents in wheelchairs love this class because it is all upper body and it strengthens their arms for better mobility in the chair.  It works for all levels and we are so happy with the class.  Thanks for sending him our way."   - Amy C (Director at Keystone Senior)


"This class shocked me. First, I didn't believe that I could do anything, then I met the instructor, Pierre.  He makes the class! He is so full of energy and funny that you forget about "I can't" and you box. I am so glad I took a chance and signed up for the class.  Try it, you'll love it.”    -   Michelle G


“The boxing group class for SCI is absolutely awesome!  It is a definite great upper body workout including the core.  In addition it helps with focusing on breathing.  Since joining the group in September through now, I so look forward to getting together with everyone as we all work out together with a purpose.  I feel more energetic and stronger in the upper body.  I really get a good sweat going during these one hour steady workouts.  It’s very comfortable working with the group and you can go at your own pace, never any stress!  All this great stuff topped off with an awesome, experienced trainer who has a great sense of humor which makes it even more fun!  What a gift this is to be able to get together with the same group and instructor through Zoom during these tough restricting times!"    -  AC


“I thoroughly enjoy boxing classes. I never expected boxing to be so much fun even though we have many physical challenges doing certain moves. Regardless, I believe we have gained strength, confidence and endurance solely because we don’t give up and keep going! Thank you Pierre!”    -  Marina


“Pierre’s adaptive boxing class is a fun way to build muscle and aerobic strength.  Working at your own pace and with safety in mind, Pierre’s instruction style is energetic, motivating and self-challenging.”   Marion 


“My name is Morgan. I am an individual with a high-level spinal cord injury. I have had the great pleasure of participating in virtual boxing workouts via Zoom. The classes have been hosted by Pierre F twice a week and we have just begun our third eight week session!  The boxing has been my favorite class offered.  Pierre specifically has done an amazing job at motivating us and also making it really fun!  His zany energy, compassion, and humor have created a wonderfully positive no judgment zone that allows us to do our best no matter what our ability or disability levels are. I get a great work out from the safety and convenience of my home which, especially with the added stresses of Covid, I cannot express enough how really helpful the experience has been for me both physically and mentally. 

As a quadriplegic even my upper extremities are affected by paralysis. In the weeks of participating in the boxing classes I have noticed increased upper body strength and mobility. My reach and dexterity have drastically improved. Pierre has also helped create a comfortable social space where I feel like I gain some camaraderie with the other participants and we help hold each other accountable. I would glowingly recommend his programs to anyone of any age or ability level."    -  Morgan W


"The adaptive boxing was the best cardio workout I've had since my injury, bar none.  The high energy instructor - and seeing everyone - was a great motivator."    -  Ed Perkins


"This class is a wonderful addition to Gaylord's fitness offerings.  Ad. Bx'g class keeps you working through out the class time which helped me with my stamina, strength, and confidence.  The class was fun and motivating.  I hope this class is offered again!"


"I did kickboxing years ago so I was excited to get back to it in a different way so fun awesome Workout"


"I had a great time, definitely would be interested in learning more and even going to a boxing gym if given the chance. I enjoyed how you could cater the workout to your level simply by changing your pace."    -  Rachel


"Living alone, it gave me more confidence when going to unfamiliar places alone.  The instruction was very motivating and well structured."    -  Everett


"I was so excited when I learned of this virtual boxing series and after participating was it actually exceeded my expectations. My goal was to improve upper body agility and strength and the moves fit my agenda perfectly.  Pierre has a robust welcoming attitude that begs participation of the attendees.  It was a blast as well as being healthy exercise.  I am very grateful to have been part of the series and hope to continue using the recordings so to be ready to advance in these skills if further teachings in Boxing are offered.  Thank you."    -  Lynn Locke